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X11, Window Managers Following on from three earlier articles, here are two more articles highlighting usability features of Beryl; the wheel window switcher and the 'wall' for managing virtual desktops. Videos included, so go on, indulge yourself, boys and girls.
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by Kokopelli on Mon 19th Feb 2007 18:55 UTC in reply to "RE"
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So you are saying that it is in the operating system designers hands to control the speed at which the user clicks alt tab?

Further shape and color recognition (used to recognize windows with the wall plugin) is hardly an element reserved for the technical elite.

You may disagree with their choices but to call the Beryl devs incompetent is a bit precocious. Inexperienced and perhaps overenthusiastic yes, but hardly incompetent.

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by Kroc on Mon 19th Feb 2007 19:10 in reply to "RE"
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I've helped rocket scientists and airline pilots and people many hundreds of times smarter than me [and Beryl devs]. The fact that an intelligent person cannot use a system designed and built by software engineers is demonstration of how young software engineering is still.

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by Kokopelli on Mon 19th Feb 2007 19:21 in reply to "RE"
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It honestly does not matter who you helped or how brilliant they are.

1) Out of your three bullets one was false another fallacious and the final one was an opinion that many users of beryl dispute.

2) Your opinion of Beryl and its settings is just that; your opinion. Based on the incorrect observations still not disputed I do not hold too much credence to that opinion. Many very smart people are not able to get around the paradigm of conventional computer use. Beryl and compiz go beyond the conventional use and learned behaviors. The fact that some can not understand or make use of the features does not invalidate that they are useful to some users.

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