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X11, Window Managers Following on from three earlier articles, here are two more articles highlighting usability features of Beryl; the wheel window switcher and the 'wall' for managing virtual desktops. Videos included, so go on, indulge yourself, boys and girls.
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by archiesteel on Mon 19th Feb 2007 20:06 UTC in reply to "RE"
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too much wobble. *everything* wobbles. You open a combo box and you can't focus on the list item you want until it's stopped wobbling around like a jelly.

You obviously haven't used Beryl in a while - or, in fact, at all. Wobbly secondary windows (such as Combo Boxes and Menus) were set as default in an early version of Compiz. As far as I know, that has never been the case with any version of Beryl (except maybe the very first ones, and even then I'm not sure).

I think that the default for secondary windows is now to fade in/out.

The wheel switcher is too quick. No regular user could tell what was happening there.

I don't think it's too fast. In fact, I increased the speed from the default, because it seemed a bit sluggish for me.

Remember, if all you're doing is watching a video, it's not the same as if you're in control (just like watching someone else play a FPS game like Quake will make some people nauseous).

Beryl is nice, but anything but increased usability. Even the Zoom feature wobbles and shoots about too fast.

I disagree. I think it makes the desktop a lot more usable. As far as the zoom wobbling, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you talking about Maximizing Windows, or the actual "Zoom in on desktop" functionality?

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