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Windows "Microsoft has gone out on a limb to promote Vista not merely as 'the most secure version of Windows ever' (every recent version is marketed with that tired slogan), but for the first time as an adequately secure version of Windows. 'We've got the message and we've done our homework', the company says. So let's see if the reality lives up to the marketing hype."
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The key to Microsoft Windows security must be hidden in a small market share. If Microsoft Windows gets smaller in the market, it will automatically get safer. From 2005-2006 Microsoft Windows lost close to 2% market share, so Microsoft Windows is now probably 2% safer, thanks to the "market mechanism" - and that's progress!

If Microsoft Windows would be downsized to a mere 5% market share it would become 16 times more safer, and that's what I call real progress. Microsoft wouldn't have to lift a finger.

But the real question is if 16 times is enough ?

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Microsoft never said they were insecure due to marketshare; they said they were the target of worms because of marketshare; the idea that if you write a worm, you want to write it for the software which is the biggest target - no one is going to notice something targetted at software only 1% of end users actually use.

As of Windows, Windows XP prior to SP2 as an insecure POS, to put it politely; SP2 is what Windows XP RTM should have been - given in the last few years, in terms of security problems, Windows XP SP2 has been pretty good; and Vista will be an interesting situation.

Windows Vista will be a benchmark on how well their new 'secure programming' is actually going; not only how secure the code, but how fast the turn around is in regards to patches being released and properly addressing the issue without causing system instability.

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