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Xfce "For years, the lightweight Xfce has been a popular desktop environment for Linux distributions running on older hardware, thanks to its lower demand on resources as compared to KDE and GNOME; it's an ideal desktop for machines with less than 256MB of memory. Until recently, however, using Xfce was a little laborious, but with its latest release last month, Xfce is a much more usable desktop environment."
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by mr_manny on Wed 21st Feb 2007 02:42 UTC
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If your looking for an awesome light-weight desktop, give Fluxbox a try.

The same applies if your simply looking for an awesome desktop ;)

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RE: Fluxbox
by drynwhyl on Wed 21st Feb 2007 11:50 in reply to "Fluxbox"
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> If your looking for an awesome light-weight desktop, give Fluxbox a try.

Fluxbox is not a "desktop". Its function is to manage application windows _only_. It also is able to start programs, but thats mostly it. As a window manager it can be used _within_ a desktop, or without it, but only if you dont care for desktop features.

There is more to a desktop than managing windows, firing up applications and setting a background picture.

Following your logic minimal windows managers like mwm, twm, ratpoison or even a pure X+Xterm session without a window managers could be called a "desktop", since they are as capable for those three tasks as is fluxbox. A window manager ist not a desktop.

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RE: Fluxbox
by dindin on Wed 21st Feb 2007 14:28 in reply to "Fluxbox"
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I very much like the philisophy of FluxBox, but it lacks any kind of UTF-8 rendering (internationalization).

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