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KDE In the transition from KDE 3 to KDE 4, a new file manager, Dolphin, was often discussed and now officially moved to the base part of KDE. "I just stumbled over this message saying that the file manager Dolphin is now part of kdebase (of KDE 4): 'Moving Dolphin to kdebase, as discussed with Peter and others. The big plan is: Dolphin will become the default file manager (kicker buttons and file:/ links bring it up).' The question remains what now happens with Konqueror - keep in mind that one of the goals of KDE 4 was to only keep one app for each task inside the base packages. But with Dolphin as the potentially new file manager and Webkit as the new browser we may see Konqueror vanish."
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RE: Feature Copy from Vista
by prismX on Wed 21st Feb 2007 07:23 UTC in reply to "Feature Copy from Vista"
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Dolphin is very ugly copy of Vista explorer:
1) navigatio bar as you mensioned
2) previewing
3) icon size setting
4) icon visualization setting

here screenshots:

but never mind blind fans will never see similarity ...

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Well, name me one thing which is in Dolphin, and was NEW in Vista's explorer (so not used before in a million other applications, like all examples you're giving).

You say this is all from Vista, but these things have been in KDE for years - and in Gnome, in some cases, and in Mac OS X. Vista is a big RIPOFF of KDE... That's why there is similarity.

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