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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems, weighing in on the fractious issue of protecting copyrighted digital content, on Sunday announced a project it calls the Open Media Commons initiative aimed at creating an open-source, royalty-free digital-rights management standard.
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by Lazarus on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 19:04 UTC
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If you're worried about an open DRM system being cracked then surely you must be oblivious to the fact that every single closed one so far gas fared no better.

At least were this to be widely adopted, free, open source OSes would be legally able to use DRM'd media...

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RE: Hrm
by MikeGA on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 19:23 in reply to "Hrm"
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Well yes, obviously every other DRM system has shown that it i sindeed possible to crack non-open source systems. I 'm just don't think all the executives would be overly happy with an open-source system since it would lead to the hacking being quicker and easier.

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RE[2]: Hrm
by Lazarus on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 19:29 in reply to "RE: Hrm"
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Yeah, taken on it's own I could see them having issues with it, but if you have a situation where big name vendors like Red Hat were to have "blessed" (read signed) versions of a media player that works with a TPM, then only those official versions would be able to access the media without a heck of a lot of work.

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