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Fedora Core The following letter was received from Eric S. Raymond, who has sent it to a number of Linux-related publications and mailing lists. It is presented verbatim. "After thirteen years as a loyal Red Hat and Fedora user, I reached my limit today, when an attempt to upgrade one package pitched me into a four-hour marathon of dependency chasing, at the end of which an attempt to get around a trivial file conflict rendered my system unusable."
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by babernat on Wed 21st Feb 2007 18:39 UTC
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*tongue in cheek* ESR had better be careful, Linus might submit some patches as a protest to his decision.

Seriously, what was the last great Red Hat release? I've been sticking with Fedora just because I haven't had the time to install any other distro yet.

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RE: Careful..
by superman on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 05:31 in reply to "Careful.."
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> Seriously, what was the last great Red Hat release?

FC6 :

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RE[2]: Careful..
by blitze on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 06:51 in reply to "RE: Careful.."
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Lost interest in RedHat a long time ago. RPM just blew chunks and made the experience very tedious.

Then again, it has taken until this year to get recently serious about using Linux on the desktop and I'm afraid it's

Drum Roll


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RE[2]: Careful..
by babernat on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 16:31 in reply to "RE: Careful.."
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By great, I meant "useful". I'd probably say RH 9. Or maybe even 7...

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