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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung knows a thing or two about designing notebooks. The Q35 Red that I recently reviewed created quite a stir every time I pulled it out of my bag at CES last month, and the ultra-slim Q30 won over many users who were looking for a machine that was ultra-thin and light. But now the Samsung design team has pushed the boat out and created the new Aura series of notebooks, which look set to go head to head with Apple's ultra-stylish MacBooks."
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RE: Mouse buttons
by PowerMacX on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 18:11 UTC in reply to "Mouse buttons"
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"What. Two mouse buttons so you can actually "use" the laptop? Blasphemy!"

Tap with two fingers instead of one. Voila, right click. Drag with two fingers: 360 degree scroll on any document. Ctrl+drag with two fingers: instant screen zoom (great for YouTube, for reading a phone number across the room or simply showing something in detail to a group of people quickly)

Not to mention that the large (really large) trackpad and button make it extremely comfortable.

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