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Windows "Last month, in the first installment of this three-part series, I looked at Windows Vista kernel enhancements in the areas of processes and I/O. This time I'll cover advances in the way Windows Vista manages memory, as well as major improvements to system startup, shutdown, and power management." More here.
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by Almafeta on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 21:46 UTC
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ReadyFetch seems interesting; not revolutionary, but more of a common-sense step to take.

I haven't heard of hybrid HDs, though it seems logical... I'll have to shop around when it's upgrade time.

*later on* Sysinternals... it's like Power Toys all over again. Why is it that Microsoft spends obscene amounts of money developing or purchasing really great software, releases it for free on their website, but they won't bother to add it to their installs?

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RE: *hmm...*
by n4cer on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 23:00 in reply to "*hmm...*"
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The software has to meet a broader set of requirements to be included in shipping products vs being released as a seperate web package.

I'm sure this has been detailed on one of MS' employee blogs, but basically there are greater support, localization, and testing requirements, as well as different packaging (installer) requirements depending on how the application is distributed.

Windows PowerShell is a good example as it is an out-of-band operating system component, and had to fulfill the above requirements for distribution. One requirement is using the standard operating system update technologies for component servicing, so it uses a different package for Vista vs XP/Server 2003.

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RE[2]: *hmm...*
by Almafeta on Fri 23rd Feb 2007 02:57 in reply to "RE: *hmm...*"
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Ah. I can see why that would be so, then; things you pay for have to be held to a higher standard than those that are free.

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