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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu My search for "the perfect Linux operating system" this time brings me to the latest incarnation of Ubuntu, version 5.04, also known as the "Hoary Hedgehog Release". Previously I was using Fedora Core 4, however due to some minor bugs it had, I wanted to try something different.
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Who patched and compiled the kernel/configured the bootloader? The answer starts and ends with U. Do you think that the kernel and bootloader are vanilla, and just drop in components which every distro uses? Distros generally patch, tweak and fettle the vanilla kernel to suit what they think is their target audience. So if there are kernel/bootloader issues, the first port of call is the distro.


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Sorry, the error I was referring to was specifically the VFS error at boot. This was on a kernel the author built from scratch from; I think it's extremely unlikely that had anything to do with Ubuntu.

The stability regressions with the stock kernel, OTOH, can be blamed on the distro.

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Ummmm....duh. Reading the article would inform you he got the VFS error on his own custom configured and compiled kernel from, not the one provided by Ubuntu.

In regards to him installing the latest kernel, that kernel wasn't meant for general consumption. It was not marked stable, you are supposed to stick with 2.6.10. The one he installed was most likely 2.6.11. I'm not sure why exactly it is in the apt repositories, because lots of people make the same mistake the reviewer did.

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