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Debian and its clones Last September, some of the Debian Linux distribution's leadership wanted to make sure that Etch, the next version of Debian, arrived on its December 4th due date. Almost two months later, though, according to the February 17th Release Critical Bug Report memo to the Debian Developers Announcement list, there are still 541 release critical bugs.
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Slow news day?
by moleskine on Sat 24th Feb 2007 00:58 UTC
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Just my 2 cents, but I suspect SJVN is trolling in this article. I think he is exaggerating Etch's release-unreadiness by quite a bit. SJVN has already declared fulsome Ubuntu lurv and beat up Debian quite severely during the Firefox/Iceweasel affair. He is hardly an impartial witness. The Dunc-Tank business also doesn't amount to much. The "go slow" faction, if such it is, seems to have been isolated to a small group of mostly French babies.

For all that, SJVN has put his finger on an important point, namely that Debian's organization makes it very hard to them for adapt and change. This is actually a serious challenge because the Linux world is becoming more and more hungry and competitive with every new year. Folks are not nearly so forgiving these days because they don't have to be, with so many other top-notch distros around both for server and desktop.

I've been using Etch for months and am typing this on it. Fantastic, so what is all this fuss about?

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