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Apple In the latest update to the technical documentation available from ADC, Apple has published this note: "Features added to Cocoa in Mac OS X versions later than 10.4 will not be added to the Cocoa-Java programming interface. Therefore, you should develop Cocoa applications using Objective-C to take advantage of existing and upcoming Cocoa features".
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About damn time
by on Sun 10th Jul 2005 19:53 UTC

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The Java Bridge was a political maneuver at NeXT and then at Apple.

Do you guys think Apple will provide a real alternative to ObjC after the x86 move? x86 programmers are much more familiar with the other C (C, C++, C#).

For the current MacOS developers, it doesn't matter. But for the x86 programmers that are going to port some applications to MacOS, it will definately slow them down if they are somewhat forced to use ObjC.

I even know Smalltalk alot and I've been working with C since forever but to be honest, I never really had the interest to take a look at ObjC. Except for GNUStep, I think ObjC is a Mac thing ;-)

Objective-C is not a Mac thing. Objective-C was a Stepstone and NeXT thing and then a GNUstep thing.

What the hell does C programming have to concern itself with ObjC? ObjC is a superset of C, not another C.

If you feel [syntax:] is forcing you from learning a language then explain how so many C++/Visual Basic programmers are learning C#?

Get off your lazy ass and make some money porting your app to OS X.

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