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IBM IBM is not ready to guarantee that its computer programs are compatible with Oracle's recently launched version of the Linux operating system, an IBM spokesman said on Friday. This means that if IBM software programs turn out to be incompatible with Oracle Enterprise Linux, then it will be up to Oracle - and not IBM - to resolve the issue, said IBM spokesman Matthew McMahon.
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RE: Since when...
by Kokopelli on Sat 24th Feb 2007 21:46 UTC in reply to "Since when..."
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It is not the responsibility of the OS "maker" to ensure support. However IBM can not support the 32 flavors and then some that constitute all of the distros out there.

I dislike IBMs limited supported platforms for Linux, however it is not practical for them to officially support their applications on every flavor of Linux. Most open source projects do not even do this. Variations on gcc, kernel version, package manager, file system layout, etc, prevents it.

For that matter IBM has to be able to support the product, they can't have knowledgeable staff for every distro out there.

(It should be noted, that while still supported on a very limited set of platforms, Domino will run on just about any Linux distro. Unfortunately it is the oddball and the rest of IBMs software stack seems to be entrenched in RPM land.)

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RE[2]: Since when...
by Marcellus on Sun 25th Feb 2007 08:51 in reply to "RE: Since when..."
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Obviously I can see why they can't officially support all flavors of Linux, but from the article summary IBM says that it's up to Oracle to ensure that IBM's programs work on Oracle's distro, and that is what I have an issue with.

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