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Windows Is Windows Vista really the indispensable upgrade that Microsoft wants you to think it is? ZDNet's Kingsley-Hughes says: "Having been using Vista for over 18 months I believe that it's a huge improvement over XP and even though I still use XP I find that I miss many of the features that Vista offers. However, I wouldn't call any of the changes earth-shattering." My take: That is about the most sensible Vista-related conclusion I have read so far.
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I'm hardly an OSS zealot, but I'm having trouble seeing how being closed source could be seen as a feature.

There are users to whom OSS is not an option, whether due to ethical, moral, or religious objections. For those users, your choices are quite limited, and Windows is the only real option left to you.

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I'm interested in your anti-OSS religion and would like to subscribe to its newsletter. Are you a Scientologist?

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