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RISC OS Castle released RISC OS 5.13 this weekend, its first free update since the paid-for release of 5.12. The ROM image can be fetched from Castle's website. The new version of their 32bit stream of the operating system is the result of a bug fixing exercise: its 'key features' are two updates for the Filer, two updates for the Pinboard, a fix for the Display Manager, an update for the Repeat command, a fix within the Shared C Library module, an update for the BASIC assembler, and a fix for the EtherK network driver.
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RE: Heh!
by DrCurl on Tue 27th Feb 2007 14:44 UTC in reply to "Heh!"
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Have you tried Rox Desktop? I have seen a few post here about it recently. I'm considering giving it a try, espacially following your inspired comments about RISC OS.

Would you say that it is possible to get a RISC OS experience by using Rox Desktop on Linux? or maybe it is not just about UI...

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RE[2]: Heh!
by memson on Tue 27th Feb 2007 15:35 in reply to "RE: Heh!"
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I was recently given an A7000 (which is a bit like a cut down RiscPC), and have been playing about with RISC OS 3.6. I used to use RISC OS 2.x a lot whilst I was in college (pre-university, sixth form that is.) I liked it well enough back then, but more recently have been a little negative towards RISC OS. However, it's not a bad little OS. It boots quite quickly (on a par with BeOS for speed - though as the OS is in ROM that does puzzle me a bit) and I've has a bit of nostalgia running old apps and stuff on it (Elite and Twinworld for example.)

My take - RISC OS 3.6 is quite dated now. It doesn't feel modern. The OS on the whole is okay to use though. It's a better experience than that of AmigaOS 3.x on an Amiga 1200 at any rate. The Iconbar is okay. It's not as wonderous as RISC OS ites would have you belive. The famous "drag and drop" doesn't work all that well. The app seems to need to be running and you drop on to the icon bar, whereas on a Mac I could drop the document on to the non running apps Icon (e.g. Stuffit) and it would start the app. Maybe a RISC OS-ite could correct me there. All my RISC OS memories are quite hazy.

I'm sort of torn. I like it, but if I hadn't have been given the computer for free, I might not have paid any money for it. Not much at any rate. Overall it's a little sluggish. Upping the RAM to 12MB didn't really make much difference.

Nice toy though anyway. I have no doubt an Iyonix would be a lot more fun to play with ;-)

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RE[3]: Heh!
by RISCOSMike on Tue 27th Feb 2007 16:04 in reply to "RE[2]: Heh!"
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You should try and find cheap RISC PC on ebay.

They can go for any thing from 10-100.

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