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OpenStep, GNUstep During FOSDEM 2007, a live CD using the Etoile desktop environment was demonstrated, and this live CD can now be downloaded (screenshots inside the link, boys and girls). Etoile is a desktop environment based on GNUstep. "This is the 0.2 prerelease that we worked on at FOSDEM 2007. There's still quite a lot of problems on it (check the bugtracker), so we expect the final 0.2 release in about a month. In the meantime, feel free to download the iso and to play with it."
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Too bad their website is broken..
by patrix on Tue 27th Feb 2007 22:49 UTC
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Only one screenshot actually works, and none of the thumbnails do. Bad impression, especially to someone like me who's always been a fan of GNUstep...

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dylansmrjones Member since:

The screenshots and thumbnails worked for me from the beginning. But until just now the download link didn't work for me.

Besides Gnome I also have GNUstep and étoilé installed on my gentoo system. GNUstep+WindowMaker+étoilé simply rule. What we need now is a Linux/*BSD/Darwin OS based on this combination, using an OPENSTEP-compliant FHS. No more /usr/lib, /usr/bin, /opt/xyz/A/abc_123/smth, but rather /System/AdminTools, /System/Applications, /System/Library, /System/Logs, /Users/(username)


And yes - étoilé looks delicious with the Nesedah theme. Modern, yet faithful to the good ol' look.

EDIT: fixed some wording

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fretinator Member since:

Probably just bandwith issues. They worked fine for me. I did notice that when you clicked on of the thumbnails, that the image was shown near the bottom of the page (you had to scroll down to see it) and that it loaded slowly.

That may be the OS-Snoozed effect!

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NicolasRoard Member since:

the actual link to the iso was broken (the iso file was misnamed) the first couple of hours after sending the mail to the *-dev mailing lists.

So you just happened to look at the page while I was regenerating thumbnails and the webpage... again, didn't expect an osnews story, and certainly not as quickly after sending the mail.

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dylansmrjones Member since:

Sowwy ;) - that's my fault. But I didn't expect it to be posted so quickly after my submission ;)

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