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X11, Window Managers Two more articles on Beryl. The first one is on drag and drop in Beryl: "What does Beryl add to the drag and drop picture? Well, for a start, if you've got a lot of windows open, it's easier to find the target if you can see all the windows at once. Also, if you want to drop a file/text on an application on another desktop, you can do this much more easily. This is a cool little feature that allows you to drag and drop files between applications on the same desktop, or different desktops." The second one is a performance tweak for Beryl.
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by nzjrs on Wed 28th Feb 2007 00:22 UTC
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Remember that the drag and drop infrastructure was actually added by David R in compiz. This was subsequently ported from compiz to Beryl with little or no acknowledgement [1]

Proper input redirection support is also being worked on by David R and will appear in Compiz soon. No doubt the feature will also make it to Beryl at which point OSNEWS will run a story on it.


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RE: Compiz
by dylansmrjones on Wed 28th Feb 2007 00:31 in reply to "Compiz"
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There is acknowledgement, but not in the blog. But check copyright notices and cvs. That's where acknowledgement has to be at the very minimum.

It may be unethical not to put it on the website, but it's not necessary to do so, unless the license explicit demands this. And the license doesn't.

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RE[2]: Compiz
by Ford Prefect on Wed 28th Feb 2007 23:46 in reply to "RE: Compiz"
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So what?

Did anyone say it wasn't legal what was done here? No!

It was all about that credit wasn't given in a way the bigger audience would notice it, AND about the fact that the bigger audience, or OSNews, is very Beryl-centric.

And I think, this sucks. Perhaps at least the bigger audience or OSNews could perhaps change their perspective a bit.

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RE: Compiz
by dumbkiwi on Wed 28th Feb 2007 01:22 in reply to "Compiz"
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What is the problem here? Compiz is under the GPL, and Beryl has incorporated some of its code into it's plugin. There is nothing in the GPL that requires attribution other than through inclusion of an "appropriate copyright notice", in fact the FSF people get upset when people start requiring attribution greater than that. Notwithstanding that point, one of the very points of using the GPL license is to allow others to use, develop and enhance code for the benefit of all. Beryl is simply exercising the very freedoms that the developers of Compiz gave them by distributing compiz it under the GPL. They should be applauded for pushing development of these technologies, as should the original compiz authors.

Squabbling over attribution in the context of GPL licensed code seems silly to me.

As for the timing of the article, all the dnd stuff has only started working properly for me in the last week or so. Previously, hovering over a window did not deactivate scale, and once that started working, it only handled objects selected from gtk apps, and not kde apps. Now all of that seems to work.

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RE[2]: Compiz
by Daniel Borgmann on Wed 28th Feb 2007 01:46 in reply to "RE: Compiz"
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Who said anything about a problem? nzjrs (and ghepeu) simply provided additional context to the news item, which I for one appreciate.

The fact that the GPL does not enforce any special attribution doesn't make it less but rather more important that we avoid misunderstandings about original authorship in my opinion.

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RE[2]: Compiz
by nzjrs on Wed 28th Feb 2007 02:07 in reply to "RE: Compiz"
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@dumbkiwi: You appear to be mistaken.

Firstly, compiz is under multiple licenses, due to its nature (plugin based) and place in the stack (close to the X server, code to flow to/from compiz into X).

Beryl is GPL. This means that fixes in Beryl cannot easily be ported back to compiz. Justify that?

And I wasnt
Squabbling over attribution
I was pointing out another example of the nature of the beryl project (all take and no give, be it code, attribution, or whatever).

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RE[2]: Compiz
by brunocosta on Wed 28th Feb 2007 02:29 in reply to "RE: Compiz"
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Compiz is licensed under MIT License, Beryl under GPL, so, code can flow from compiz to beryl, not the opposite. By the way -> compiz-core is the way to go, beryl-core is only a piece of ugly and dirty hacks to make everything do blings and dings. (some beryl plugins are cool... i'm talking about core here ;) )

Edit: By the way, show me where at the beryl project website some credit is give to DavidR or Compiz... I couldn't find.. ;)

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