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Windows "In the world of operating systems, Microsoft Windows Vista is just a baby. It's just now toddling along on new systems being sold throughout the U.S. And, like a small child being dropped by the stork to new parents, it's available to older desktop PCs via Microsoft's download-to-buy program. Giving early adopters such easy, unfettered access to the somewhat untested OS was a bold move by Microsoft. The company had to know that people like those who work at PC Magazine would be among the first to test-drive this new installation option."
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funny but sad
by jptros on Wed 28th Feb 2007 23:19 UTC
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I can't believe the tech asked him to go borrow a DVD from his neighbor, forget the "no one hardly owns a copy of vista yet" part. Something about that is just wrong and has to be bad business practice. You don't tell a paying customer to go borrow a copy of your product to correct a flaw in your product.

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RE: funny but sad
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 1st Mar 2007 14:16 in reply to "funny but sad"
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Anyone remember stories on Usenet, in the late 90s, about AOL phone techs advising customers to dig up their phone lines to solve connection issues? I guess we know where those people are employed now.

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