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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu I've been an Arch user for roughly 3 years. I'm pretty much familiar with it all - The way it boots, its configuration and its package management. I've also heard a lot of good things about Ubuntu, and wanted to try it for a long time. So, two weeks ago, I took the plunge. These are my findings.
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Reinstall whole KDE?
by da_Chicken on Thu 1st Mar 2007 20:01 UTC
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The problem starts when something goes wrong - Let's say I accidentally deleted a very important file which is used by KDE. A possible solution would be reinstalling KDE altogether to restore the lost files.

Maybe reinstalling KDE altogether is the recommended Arch way to solve such issues but wouldn't it be simpler to only reinstall the specific package that contains the file you deleted? If you can remember the name of the file you deleted, "dpkg -S file_name" should tell you which package contains that file.

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RE: Reinstall whole KDE?
by intangible on Thu 1st Mar 2007 21:11 in reply to "Reinstall whole KDE?"
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If you dislike the command line, or you want to search for filenames in a package you don't have installed, you can try as well.

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