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OSNews, Generic OSes Today, we did a fairly major restructuring of our database categories. Before, we only added one or, in rare cases, two; this time, however, we have added three new categories, and also split one up. Read one for the how and why, and also how you can help in finding misplaced stories.
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I have already searched through the OSNews Database for ReactOS news entries.

A simple script or even a short regex string would be enough to convert the news-id list into a SQL-query.

I have "attached" the news-id list for all ReactOS news-id's to the following comment:

That means for the technical point of view, no barrier prevents a "ReactOS" category, afaik.

Of course, after all, the decision if there will be a "ReactOS" category or not behooves by the team.

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We discussed it. We have, for some time, planned on introducing a ReactOS category later, when there was a little more news in our archive. That said, we heard you, we reviewed our content, and we're creating the category now. It'll be available shortly. As in, now.

You do owe me a feature now, though ;) .

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by frik85 on Thu 1st Mar 2007 21:49 in reply to "RE: task already done, just db import requiered"
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Thanks for the quick replies and doing the task!

You do owe me a feature now, though ;)
okay ;)

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my respect to you & staff ;)

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