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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu I've been an Arch user for roughly 3 years. I'm pretty much familiar with it all - The way it boots, its configuration and its package management. I've also heard a lot of good things about Ubuntu, and wanted to try it for a long time. So, two weeks ago, I took the plunge. These are my findings.
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Great review
by snozzberry on Thu 1st Mar 2007 21:39 UTC
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1. Do not try to get current release, but older one.
2. Do not find out you could have installed KDE-based distro from the start.
3. Bitch at length about how doing everything the hard way doesn't work seamlessly.

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RE: Great review
by Ford Prefect on Thu 1st Mar 2007 21:58 in reply to "Great review"
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I think you actually didn't really read the review open minded.

That the update from version X to Y worked flawlessly was a plus point for me.

It's something I'm used to in Arch, but my gf had Ubuntu, did dist-upgrade, and it broke. It's nice to hear this is not common.

So I think this is a better review than "I put the CD into the drive and set my BIOS to boot from CD. Hard work! But then all was great! Here are the screenshots!"

On the other side, I think this review lacks some structure and should have handled some more aspects. You don't really get a feeling about the differences of the two distros.

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RE[2]: Great review
by intangible on Thu 1st Mar 2007 22:17 in reply to "RE: Great review"
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The Edgy release did have quite a few major changes and only a 4 month window to get them right (6.06 to 6.10), hence the name Edgy :-D. The most common problems I saw with upgrades were caused by having removed the ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, or ubuntu-desktop meta packages.
I would suggest that anyone who upgrades Ubuntu to make sure that those meta packages are installed before the upgrade so you're sure to get all the utils needed to run your system.

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RE: Great review
by ArchVile on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 16:38 in reply to "Great review"
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Full ack for that! If one wants Kubuntu 6.10, why would one install Ubuntu 6.06? Dist-upgrades are risky AND time-consuming under ANY OS (Linux distros, Windows...), even though all my Dapper->Edgy updates went fine. There was lots of really bad propaganda when MS released the Vista update versions which require an XP actually *installed* (not just the update check). Here's the guy who does the same thing with Ubuntu by choice!

And, just as an example, back in the days when I used (the then KDE-based) Fedora, getting a Gnome desktop running the way it should involved serious configuration work, much more than just doing > debconf kdm

Most other points also have been pointed out already in other posts... Like, he could have done some research to find "checkinstall" as the tool he wants, etc. And I also don't see how EVERY package configuration script should be able to guess all new settings which have to be set on update without user interaction. I should really try Arch if it does that. Quite some revolutionary AI seems to have gone into their package system.

And as for the question whether Ubuntu is a distribution for novices, I'd like to point out that I do not consider myself a novice (first Linux PC in 1995), and I feel most adequately served by Ubuntu.


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RE[2]: Great review
by sweiss on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 19:04 in reply to "RE: Great review"
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I'm sorry, but I have to respond to that.
I did install Ubuntu using an older version, from which I basically upgraded to Kubuntu 6.10.

A clean upgrade is a necessity in the Linux world. One cannot reinstall his operation system from scratch every 6 months when a newer version is out.
Using dist-upgrade is an implemented feature. If it fails to work, then there is a bug waiting to be fixed.
It cannot be excused as something that should not be done. It was performed using the native tools. This is part of what package management is about.

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RE[2]: Great review
by zombie process on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 19:09 in reply to "RE: Great review"
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I'd have to counter that the notion of downloading an entirely new iso and reinstalling the entire OS just to install kde is somewhat absurd.

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