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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu I've been an Arch user for roughly 3 years. I'm pretty much familiar with it all - The way it boots, its configuration and its package management. I've also heard a lot of good things about Ubuntu, and wanted to try it for a long time. So, two weeks ago, I took the plunge. These are my findings.
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Ubuntu, an accepted enterprise suitable OS
by usr0 on Thu 1st Mar 2007 23:31 UTC
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I was quite excited as somebody told me recently about Arch and its KISS based architecture. But since I am using Ubuntu for two years (before Ubuntu I was an excited Debian user) I doubted to change a (pretty good) running system. It is nice for me to hear that an Arch user have wrote such an positive review about Ubuntu. So Ubuntu cannot be - at least - that bad in comparison to Arch.

Recently I was quite happy as I heard in the sauna a not very experienced Windows 98 user telling his friend that he installed Ubuntu because Win98 was very slow, insecure and user-UNfriendly (driver problems).

For me it is just another proof that Ubuntu covers quite a wide user experience level bandwidth. It is suitable for unexperienced users that have even problems with Windows. But it offers also the flexibility, a power user expect from an OS.

I am using Ubuntu for development, work and on my web server and it fulfill (at least my) the requirements of each of these areas. And since Canonical offers commercial support, Ubuntu is also suitable for enterprise solutions.

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