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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu My search for "the perfect Linux operating system" this time brings me to the latest incarnation of Ubuntu, version 5.04, also known as the "Hoary Hedgehog Release". Previously I was using Fedora Core 4, however due to some minor bugs it had, I wanted to try something different.
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Ubuntu sucks
by on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 10:14 UTC

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I had the same kernel compiling issues when using ubuntu.
First of all, there were a lot of libs missing needed for compiling a kernel from (e.g. libncurses-dev).

I didn't had the problem booting it, that part went fine, only it took me ages to fix all the errormessages during boot.

I'm a dedicated Slackware user myself and Slack's using a clean kernel from without any modifications like Fedora and Ubuntu do, and if you compile a kernel under a default slack installation, everyhting goes very smooth and you have it running within a few minutes.

Ubuntu is nice for beginners but that's it, to be honest I don't like a single bit of it, i'll stay with Slackware 10.1

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RE: Ubuntu sucks
by on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 10:41 in reply to "Ubuntu sucks"
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I used to use Slackware and loved it. Still do. But the one area i hate is installing packages. Jesus! Trying to install something with many dependencies is a nightmare. Having to trawl the net for various libs and such really starts to grate after a while. So now i use Ubuntu and love it. Slackware, imo, while being good for what it is, is really going nowhere.

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RE: Ubuntu sucks
by massa on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 11:14 in reply to "Ubuntu sucks"
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If you ever go back to ubuntu, try kernel-package to compile your own kernels.

$ aptitude -r install linux-tree kernel-package libncurses-dev

What error messages during boot? I boot the linux-k7 kernel (Hoary here at home) and I don't see any error messages in my dmesg...

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RE: Ubuntu sucks
by on Wed 24th Aug 2005 14:05 in reply to "Ubuntu sucks"
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I'm running Slackware -current and Ubuntu, and I like both. Slackware can't be beat on my desktop (and for the guy who hated installing packages, heard of Swaret?), but on my Centrino laptop I need ACPI and a good 2.6 kernel for the wireless driver. While I could get ACPI working with Slack, it was only with the 2.4 kernel. I couldn't get a 2.6.12 kernel to boot to save my life (and I've been compiling kernels in Slackware for about three years). So I threw on Ubuntu and it's a dream. I tried at least a dozen distros, from Suse to Gentoo, and Ubuntu was the best with that hardware (1.6 pentium m, 1gig ram, 60 gig hard drive, intel graphics (and everything else)). CPU frequency scaling is perfect, wireless comes up during boot, etc. I couldn't keep it on my desktop (noticeably slower than Slack), and configuring Fluxbox took some hand-jamming, but it does what I need on the laptop. Why can't that be enough?

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