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Microsoft The European Union escalated its trans-Atlantic fight with Microsoft on Thursday, threatening new multimillion fines against the software maker over claims it fails to offer rivals a fair deal on licenses for helping servers work with Windows. In response, Microsoft charged that the treatment it receives from the EU is unmatched around the world and harmed Europe's efforts to become a thriving high-tech economy. The EU said Microsoft could face fines as high as euro3 million (US$4 million) a day, accusing the software company of trying to protect its interests by overcharging rivals for complete and accurate interface documentation - which would allow them to interoperate with Windows PCs and servers - on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.
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RE[5]: Silly EU...
by lindkvis on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 13:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Silly EU..."
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"When you try to regulate what you consider "bad", it is no longer truly freedom."

And when you don't, it certainly is no longer freedom, because someone "stronger" than you will always limit your freedom.

In a totally free market, only the strongest have freedom. Regulations are about trying to strike a balance between the freedom of the strong and the freedom of the rest.

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RE[6]: Silly EU...
by sappyvcv on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 13:35 in reply to "RE[5]: Silly EU..."
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Again, I wasn't trying to argue that regulation is bad -- limited regulation is good. But true freedom brings the good and bad with it. The bad being that the strongest thrive.

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