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Novell and Ximian "Novell on Mar. 1 announced preliminary financial results for its 2007 fiscal year first quarter, showing net revenue of USD 230 million. The first quarter's revenue represented a decline of USD 12 million, or about 5 percent, from the prior year's first quarter revenue of USD 242 million. Despite the unexceptional overall results during the first fiscal quarter 2007, however, Novell reported USD 15 million of revenue from Linux Platform Products, up 46 percent year-over-year, and USD 91 million of invoicing, up a whopping 659 percent year-over-year. Linux - make no doubt about it - is Novell's future."
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by segedunum on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 22:37 UTC in reply to "SLED"
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Novell really has done a great job with SLED. I use Red Hat at work and just seeing the polish on SLED there is just no comparison on the desktop. No, not Ubuntu either.

I think some perspective needs to be put on this. These are Novell's financial results - it is not a review of SLED or OpenSuse. It really doesn't matter how much polish they're putting on SLED or how fast or slow Suse's distro is, or whether they use KDE or Gnome (although all those things combined might contribute). Whatever, things are not working for them.

This success is well deserved.

You can't really call the above success.

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