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Novell and Ximian "Novell on Mar. 1 announced preliminary financial results for its 2007 fiscal year first quarter, showing net revenue of USD 230 million. The first quarter's revenue represented a decline of USD 12 million, or about 5 percent, from the prior year's first quarter revenue of USD 242 million. Despite the unexceptional overall results during the first fiscal quarter 2007, however, Novell reported USD 15 million of revenue from Linux Platform Products, up 46 percent year-over-year, and USD 91 million of invoicing, up a whopping 659 percent year-over-year. Linux - make no doubt about it - is Novell's future."
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RE: And up it goes...
by kaiwai on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 01:06 UTC in reply to "And up it goes..."
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I'd love to see it too but for the mean time the future of Linux is on the server, its going to be a while before we start seeing Linux make inroads on the desktop given the dearth of applications on Linux.

Things like cd burners and chat applications are easy stuff, anyone can make those, the problems start to multiple when people want things like Quicken/MYOB like applications, Office suites that are compatible and feature rich like Office, or graphics applications like Photoshop, Illustator, Corel Painter, and the likes.

What is holding Linux back isn't the desktop; GNOME and KDE are more than adequate for the end users needs; the problem is that third party software vendors sitting on the side lines pissing and moaning about the evils of the Microsoft monopoly which failing to hedge their beats by porting their applications to an alternative platform that can run on generic pc's.

The day when you see the big softare comapnies port their consumer and professional software to Linux or some other UNIX is the day when you see a massive drop in marketshare from Microsoft in all the areas which they dominate.

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RE[2]: And up it goes...
by archiesteel on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 04:58 in reply to "RE: And up it goes..."
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kawai, don't you get tired of always posting the same message? In every Linux thread on this web site, you have to post your "Linux has no quality applications" rant. We get it. Linux isn't ready for you. No need to hammer us with it.

Personally, Linux is ready *for me*. I can produce professional quality documents, including illustrations, using OpenOffice and Gimp. I can do things in Gimp that 95% of Photoshop users wouldn't know how to do (I know how to do them in Photoshop as well - after all, I've been using it since version 2.0). OpenOffice is a very feature-rich Office suite, and it's now easier to exchange documents with MS Office. Just in case, I also have MS Office installed - it runs flawlessly with the latest version of Crossover.

Quicken? Well, I don't use it much anymore, but it runs flawlessly under Wine as well. However, I now use kmymoney2. It's not as feature-rich as Quicken, but it is quite enough to manage my money, and its interface is much better.

I respect the fact that *you* feel that there aren't enough quality apps for Linux - even though I strongly disagree - but really you're starting to sound like a broken record.

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v RE[3]: And up it goes...
by kaiwai on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 08:44 in reply to "RE[2]: And up it goes..."
RE[3]: And up it goes...
by twenex on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 18:53 in reply to "RE[2]: And up it goes..."
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Boy, I wish I could mod you up some more.

On the subject of Quicken, let me point out that AFAIK it's not much use outside of North America anyway.

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RE[4]: And up it goes...
by chemical_scum on Sun 4th Mar 2007 00:53 in reply to "RE[2]: And up it goes..."
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I really envy you and your inability to access software titles from the big names, being screwed into a corner and at the mercy of pimply face teenagers and whether they'll actually maintain their pet hobby.

You think OOo is written "pimply face teenagers" then I am sure that you know nothing about Sun Microsystems hiring policy. Indeed I am sure they wouldn't hire you.

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RE[2]: And up it goes...
by trenchsol on Sun 4th Mar 2007 15:23 in reply to "RE: And up it goes..."
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In reply to kaiwai:

Big software vendors can go out of business, too. As a matter of fact, if open source software authors gives up, there is a fair chance that someone else will pick up, if there is sufficient interest.

Examples are IceWM, Jython....

I am not open source advocate, but those are the facts. There is no 100% guarantee either way....


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