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Legal The antitrust regulator in South Korea will begin a crucial hearing on Tuesday (Monday evening US time) to determine whether Microsoft violated the country's fair trade rules by bundling its instant messenger and Media Player programs into its Windows XP platform. Officials have been reticent about whether the regulator, the Fair Trade Commission, will rule on the case after a closed hearing of two days. The commission held a closed hearing in July to listen to arguments from Microsoft and its local competitors, but it has not clarified how many more hearings it will need before ruling.
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by helf on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:15 UTC
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how dumb is the world. This is getting ridiculous. It's a desktop OS. of COURSE it's going to have a mediaplayer, IM, email apps installed. hell, every linux distro does and, if i'm not mistaken, so does OSX. But noooo.. the "EEEEEVIL" MS can't do it. Give me a break. I'm no MS fan but this is just getting out of hand.

Besides, MS isn't stopping users from installing 3rd party apps.

what a load of BS.

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RE: jeez
by Tyr. on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:21 in reply to "jeez"
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- It's MS policy not to allow OEMs to install other IM programs, media players effectively forcing them to bundle only their software.
- If you deinstall these programs they will "mysteriously" reappear after an update or if you install another MS program.
- When you have a monopoly position your actions damage the market more than if you're a fringe player.

Reasons enough IMHO.

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RE[2]: jeez
by helf on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:31 in reply to "RE: jeez"
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1. So thats why I get Dells that have otehr media players and what not loaded? like jukebox and the like.

2. I've never had them "mysteriously reappear" after an update. MSN Messenger and WMP (all three versions that are loaded by default..) havent been on any of my windows machines in ages.

3. Bundling your own software with your OS doesn't hurt much. If someone wants something better, they will go get it.

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RE: jeez
by kellym on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:34 in reply to "jeez"
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>"how dumb is the world. This is getting ridiculous. It's a desktop OS. of COURSE it's going to have a mediaplayer, IM, email apps installed."

No, they ought not be pre-installed... the reason is because such actions disallow fair competition in the marketplace. Microsoft should be required to play fair, and make consumners choose these applications based on what consumers want.

>"hell, every linux distro does"

And none of the Linux distros have monopolies... and they are free, distributed by the community. You cant restrict that if you wanted to.

>"if i'm not mistaken, so does OSX."

OS X doesn't have a monopoly either... but even if they did... Apple would be allowed to bundle as many applications with its product as it wants because they are offering a complete product. In the same way that Sony (for example) couldn't be prosecuted for being the sole exclusive provider of button knobs for its radios (assuming it had a monopoly on radios) so to can Apple not be held responsible for illegal activity because they are creating the complete product. It differentiates from Microsoft's approach which is a single component supplier of a much larger product. If you could use Microsoft software without a computer, THEN Microsoft would be allowed to bundle whatever products it wants because they would be offering the complete solution rather than a piecemeal approach.

>"But noooo.. the "EEEEEVIL" MS can't do it."

Its not about evilness. Its about whats far and legal.

>"Besides, MS isn't stopping users from installing 3rd party apps."

Actually, in some cases there have been instances showing Microsoft has tried to make it dificult for people to install alternatives to Microsoft software. Regardless, the problem is about pre-installation of software which encourages Windows users to not seek out options which may be better because Microsoft already installed their own solution.

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RE: jeez
by Wintermute on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:35 in reply to "jeez"
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Right, lets say I don't want to use IE, WMP, MSN and all that crap? How do I get rid of it? Once MS provides the option to remove these applications and allows OEMs to sell stuff with alternative application then you will ahve a point.

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RE[2]: jeez
by sappyvcv on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 17:42 in reply to "RE: jeez"
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How about you simply DON'T USE IT? And OEMs CAN sell stuff with alternative applications.

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