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Linux Complaining about Windows Vista is a national past time on Internet forums these days. Windows Vista 'costs too much', 'has onerous product activation', 'requires too much hardware', etc. These complaints are often followed up by a very simple boast: 'I'm just going to switch to Linux'. But in today's landscape, how viable is that statment? Is the threat to switch to Linux an empty one, or is it entirely possible?"
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RE: 64bit
by anda_skoa on Wed 7th Mar 2007 18:49 UTC in reply to "64bit"
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With both Mac OS X and Vista in 64-bit versions, Linux can no longer lag behind if it expects to be taken seriously.

I haven't read the article yet, but if they really complain about 64-bit Linux "lagging behind" they probably should check a resource about computing history, because Linux has been supporting more 64-bit architectures than Windows and OS X together for years.

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RE[2]: 64bit
by HappyGod on Thu 8th Mar 2007 04:41 in reply to "RE: 64bit"
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It's not just the lack of a 64-bit option, but the default Gnome theme now looks really old.

The windows are kind of OK, but the mouse-grey task-bar and Gnome-bar are very Windows 95.

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RE[3]: 64bit
by dylansmrjones on Thu 8th Mar 2007 09:14 in reply to "RE[2]: 64bit"
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That's a rather old version then. Newer Gnome versions come with the Clearlooks theme and Tango icons. And it makes a hell of a difference.

But yeah, older Gnome 2.x versions looked pretty dated. No doubt.

OTOH many socalled "modern-looking" desktops are horrible to look at.

Clearlooks2-Squared + Clearlooks-Quicksilver + Tango icons give a pretty sweet desktop. A bit to bright perhaps, but I can live with it.

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