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KDE The KDE 4 release team started a discussion about a possible release schedule for KDE 4. Of course nothing is set yet but the topic is now hot and some interesting problems and point of views come up. In other but related news Oxygen hit the mirrors, or better, kdelibs.
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what about 3.x?
by antik on Wed 7th Mar 2007 23:43 UTC
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Let's finish with 3.5.x bugs first and then start releasing vaporware. If you'll look what's going on in 3.5.x development and look at bugs database then KDE guys should start worrying WTF they are doing.

Looks like all major KDE base distributions got in-house fixed code and won't release it until their products are available on market for some time. I understand perfectly why they do that but quality of current code is really questionable.


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RE: what about 3.x?
by Liquidator on Wed 7th Mar 2007 23:59 in reply to "what about 3.x?"
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I agree. On BSD, KDE triggers all sorts of bugs all the time. Also, there's a HUGE list of bugs and feature requests marked as "WORKSFORME" so that they are not implemented. I'm disappointed.

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RE[2]: what about 3.x?
by diegocg on Thu 8th Mar 2007 00:59 in reply to "RE: what about 3.x?"
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It works well on linux. If you want better BSD support, code it, is that simple. KDE developers are not going to stop people from contributing KDE. More BSD developers involved in KDE -> more people who can say "hey, this may work in linux but it may be different in BSD" when someone proposes something.

And KDE 4 runs in many platforms - windows, os x - so it'll be easier to find non-linux bugs.

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RE: what about 3.x?
by sumguy231 on Thu 8th Mar 2007 02:29 in reply to "what about 3.x?"
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Great idea, but it's already taken. KDE developers are still working on the 3.5 branch, and there's a 3.5.7 update due out eventually. Do some research before before getting all upset.

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RE: what about 3.x?
by re_re on Thu 8th Mar 2007 09:29 in reply to "what about 3.x?"
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Well, i beg to differ,i think the buggy kde code comes from the in house code hackers........... when you run a source distro like gentoo or lunar where the code is only slightly modified if at all it tends to be much less buggy.

not saying it's perfect, but the kde deves do a great job, and most of the time when things get screwed up it is the distros that do it not the the kde team

try a vanilla kde install and you will see what i mean.

now, onto the vaporware issue..... ... you do realize that kde releases regular updates on their kde4 project right?...i mean really, to say something is vaporware that has code available for inspection is ridiculous.

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