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Linux Complaining about Windows Vista is a national past time on Internet forums these days. Windows Vista 'costs too much', 'has onerous product activation', 'requires too much hardware', etc. These complaints are often followed up by a very simple boast: 'I'm just going to switch to Linux'. But in today's landscape, how viable is that statment? Is the threat to switch to Linux an empty one, or is it entirely possible?"
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RE[3]: Quite Frankly
by Babi Asu on Thu 8th Mar 2007 00:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Quite Frankly"
Babi Asu
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Game trend now is mmorpg (WoW, EverQuest, Ragnarok, etc). Never before I heard mmorpg client for linux. "If you want to play game, buy a console" excuse is lame.

The game must be release in GPL. Sure, you can a make commercial game in linux, but no one will use it because it's not GPL. Some people who are interested will make a petition to make it GPL, and some people with coding ability will start a GPL'd clone. How can you make money from that?

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RE[4]: Quite Frankly
by archiesteel on Thu 8th Mar 2007 01:09 in reply to "RE[3]: Quite Frankly"
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You can play WoW quite easily with Wine/Crossover. Everquest is moribund, and other mmorpgs are struggling to compete with the WoW juggernaut (City of Heroes is doing well, though, I've heard).

"If you want to play game, buy a console" excuse is lame.

It's not lame: most game development is for console, by a wide margin. Even mmorpgs represent but a fraction of the game industry as a whole. Non-casual PC gaming represents about 10 to 15% of the game market, as opposed to about 85% for consoles.

The game must be release in GPL.

Stop saying that, it's utter BS.

Sure, you can a make commercial game in linux, but no one will use it because it's not GPL.

Again, that's completely false. People have bought non-GPL (or other FOSS licenses) apps and games for Linux before (such as Neverwinter Nights, for example). And it doesn't matter if people with coding ability make a GPLed clone: most of what makes a game isn't programming, but art assets (models, scenarios, animations, textures, sounds, etc.)

I'm sorry, but what you're saying just isn't true.

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RE[5]: Quite Frankly
by spudley on Thu 8th Mar 2007 03:07 in reply to "RE[4]: Quite Frankly"
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I have to agree with archiesteel, mmorpgs aren't the whole market, even though sometimes it seems that way. My kids seem to love the casual games on my linux pc.

And yes, people buy non-GPL games. The only game I play (on Windows and Linux) is Neverwinter Nights. I bought it specifically because it was community expandable AND it ran natively on Linux. Yes, it wasn't released with the linux version ready, but they did follow through and release it.

I WON'T be playing NWN2 however, because of the same reasons. They didn't release a linux version, and I don't know if they can if they wanted to. It's not a OpenGL game like NWN1 - they went DirectX and locked themselves into windows this time. Sure, they could probably rewrite, but really, why would they?

I really don't understand it when game companies do that, because if they wrote their games as OpenGL it would be portable to many OS's and consoles, instead they lock themselves into one market. Sure it's the biggest pc market, but why not shoot for all of it?

Well, I'm not a big gamer anyway, and Ubuntu works great for me. I've been dual booting since Redhat 5.2, and Ubuntu 6.10 works best for me. It seems like the only reason I have left for windows is when I run CAD like Solidworks.

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