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KDE The KDE 4 release team started a discussion about a possible release schedule for KDE 4. Of course nothing is set yet but the topic is now hot and some interesting problems and point of views come up. In other but related news Oxygen hit the mirrors, or better, kdelibs.
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RE[4]: problems with Debian?
by pinky on Thu 8th Mar 2007 10:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: problems with Debian?"
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>ok, give me the rational. seriously. which of the four freedoms doesn't it meet? you know, besides not using a license RMS dreamed up.

Not RMS or the FSF is the problem.
The FSF consider the cc-by-sa as a free license, see:

The problem is Debian and their DFSG.

Here you can read what Debian think about the CC licenses:

I'm with you and with the FSF, i consider this license as free too. But this doesn't solve the "Debian problem".

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