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Linux Complaining about Windows Vista is a national past time on Internet forums these days. Windows Vista 'costs too much', 'has onerous product activation', 'requires too much hardware', etc. These complaints are often followed up by a very simple boast: 'I'm just going to switch to Linux'. But in today's landscape, how viable is that statment? Is the threat to switch to Linux an empty one, or is it entirely possible?"
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I do not agree with the thought «porting gpl softwares to windows make users stick to windows».

From my point of view, that allow them to use and get used to free software. Would firefox be 20% of browsers "marketshare" if not available on Windows ?
If we do keep free software only for Linux/bsd users, most of the people would not know about it and would be relunctant to use it.

The big advantage of linux on windows is not only being free software ! If people begin to use KDE on Windows or Mac, they will be more keen on trying it on Linux because that would not change dramatically their habits and they might even find Linux better using the same graphical environment.

«Share the software !»

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You raise and excellent point. There is no reason to force GPL software only to reamin on Linux. All that does is doing the same thing that most Linux users hate about Microsoft. They are making software that is propietary that runs only on one type of OS.

So I agree with you: Share the software!

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