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Java "Although the .NET vs. Java war is basically over for control of the Windows desktop, where .NET is sure to become the managed language of choice for new Windows desktop applications, there is a new battle brewing. That battle is for the Linux desktop. Now that Java has been open sourced under the GPL, even the most strict of the 'free software only' distributions can start bundling it and integrating it into their Linux distributions out of the box."
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RE[4]: Only Two Choices?
by kaiwai on Thu 8th Mar 2007 21:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Only Two Choices?"
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Although I'd like to see Wine as a temporary solution, the reality is anything but that.

When you have lazy software companies like Adobe not getting off their ass porting their software to Linux, knowing full well that that there is a massive demand, both by Windows and MacOS X users looking at migrating, Wine unfortunately by the nature of laziness of software companies, will become a perminant fixture on the Linux desktop.

Now, I'm not trying to scare people, but it does open up a big can of worms, and worse still, due to the crap portable nature of Wine - the fact that its severly broken on any platform outside Linux - try running it on FreeBSD or Solaris for example, you'll always end up getting locked into a single operating system - hence my preference for an opensource replacement; atleast then I can move and take the application with me, if I move from Linux to FreeBSD, as long as the application as been ported, I can continue on running the same one - with wine, its the roll of the dice as to whether something that might have run under wine on Linux runs under wine on FreeBSD or Solaris.

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