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Linux OpenAddict 'reviews PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta 2, and concludes: "In all honesty, any review of PCLOS will be lacking as the qualities that make PCLOS what it is are in the details. There is no one' shining point regarding this distro. The whole PCLinuxOS distribution is the shining point."
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RE: bugs
by Buffalo Soldier on Fri 9th Mar 2007 23:33 UTC in reply to "bugs"
Buffalo Soldier
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"my synaptics touchpad is working weird in it, when I scroll down using the touchpad in firefox, firefox frequently jumps to the previous web page I was viewing. its like it is pressing the browser's back button automatically."

That's not a bug with PCLOS or any other specific distro. It's just a funky default setting in Firefox. This is one of the first settings that I change after a fresh install.

Go to Firefox address bar and type about:config. Look for mousewheel.horizscroll.withnokey.action change the default value to 0.

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RE[2]: bugs
by korpenkraxar on Sat 10th Mar 2007 00:45 in reply to "RE: bugs"
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RE[2]: bugs
by mark_in_rdjbrasil on Sat 10th Mar 2007 10:16 in reply to "RE: bugs"
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how's that work for opera ?

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