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Linux OpenAddict 'reviews PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta 2, and concludes: "In all honesty, any review of PCLOS will be lacking as the qualities that make PCLOS what it is are in the details. There is no one' shining point regarding this distro. The whole PCLinuxOS distribution is the shining point."
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I'd accept it if you didn't dismiss things without any rhyme or reason. That's ignorance. Get specific in your reasoning...don't sweep things under the rug. When I don't like something or use something, I come up with real reasons I don't use it...I don't just say "distro X has no reason.

First off, it's NOT just like any other distro. If it was, I'd just be using Slackware. It's different in MANY aspects. If you can name me a few of those aspects, I'd leave this entire discussion alone...but I don't think you can. I think you're sweeping things aside being a nonchalant prat.

I don't care what distro anyone uses...honestly, as long as they're using Linux it is cool with me. But if someone says "My distro is the best" and you make a chide comment like "I have to disagree with that" then be prepared to reap what you sow...and then, don't turn hypocrite and point the finger at those raising the BS flag at you with that "Why don't you just accept..." crap. Why didn't you just accept that fact in the beginning and save yourself from making a comment at all?

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You would not get any comment from me if you had said: *find* my distro the best". Presenting one's opinion as fact is kind of, well, nonsense. If you do that on a public forum about a very subjective matter, be prepared to take a beating.

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