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OS/2 and eComStation While browsing some OS/2 news websites, I stumbled upon the usage tutorial included in OS/2 2.1 at GUIdebook (an invaluable website for (G)UI fanatics such as myself). To set the mood: "This tutorial describes how you work with the objects (small pictures) on your screen. Some objects are folders, which contain other objects. Your screen is called your desktop (pictured on the right), which is a folder itself." Have fun, boys and girls, in 1993-style.
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OS/2 to rule the world
by AndrewZ on Mon 12th Mar 2007 17:47 UTC
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There was a time when OS/2 and PowerPC were poised to rule the world. I was approached by an IBM manager at a trade show in the early 90's. I was an ISV at the time and they wanted me to port to OS/2 from Windows.

PowerPC was a new platform that was going to bury MIPS, Intel, and Alpha. IBM was working on a micro-kernel compatibility layer that would allow OS/2, MACOS, and AIX to all run on the same box. This was really big news in 1994.

Needless to say that things worked out a little differently than IBM planned: Apple did not let MACOS run on common hardware architecture. OS delays killed the multi-OS concept and that division got restructured. The first gen of PowerPC did not live up to the hype, although it was decent. And of course Microsoft threw a wrench into the Microsoft/IBM joint OS/2 effort. It was VHS vs Beta all over again when Microsoft released Windows 95 and there were no desktop applications for OS/2. And it was not easy chore to port from Windows to OS/2.

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