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Internet & Networking The last few years have seen the introduction of the concept of "extensions" in most popular web browsers. While Mozilla natively supports extensions, Opera and Safari come feature-packed and can be easily hacked via config files, and a market has cropped up around the IE engine which supports adding new functionality to your browser. In the interest of sharing a good thing, which are your favorite browser extensions?
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There is simply no way that I can suffer the Web without 'adblock' (a Mozilla-family extension). Not only does it scrub the useless noise from my web experience, but I still get a brief thrill of happiness when a page flashes some useless ad, I right click, choose "Adblock Image", sprinkle some wildcards in the dialogue box, and watch it, and its space, disappear in a puff of logic.

A close second is "flash-click-to-play". It seems to me that about 99% of all flash content I encounter is advertising. Having all flash content replaced with a simply "play" button that I have to physically click before it animates - priceless.

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That flash thing sounds bloody handy. Does anyone know if there's anything like it for Safari?

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AdBlock is just a nasty hack though. I prefer Ad Muncher (, which works for all browsers even integrates as an extension/right-click in Firefox, IE and Opera. The thing is that Adblock corrupts pages and needs to be disabled for many pages, while Ad Muncher works (almost) flawlessly, and if an ad i spotted, rightclick and select "report ad on page" and the next day, the ad is gone.

AdMuncher is a keeper (even if it costs $24.95), and besides that GreaseMonkey ( is great. Stop by for many great scripts for GM.

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