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OpenBSD As recently reported on OpenBSD's errata page, a problem in the mbuf handling of IPv6 has been elevated to a security issue. This means that OpenBSD now has two remote exploits in 10 years, as already reflected on the OpenBSD Homepage. Theo advises to to update the system (or to block IPv6 using PF as a workaround).
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RE: OpenBSD is the wrong solution
by MacTO on Wed 14th Mar 2007 21:02 UTC in reply to "OpenBSD is the wrong solution"
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With OpenBSD, you can have a secure system *and* leave the cable attached. ;)

Seriously though, they have a fairly sound way to secure a system. By forcing the sysadmin to enable services that they need, they make it easier for the sysadmin to track security issues because they automatically know what is running.

They also avoid security issues popping up from services that are enabled by default, but they don't use or don't really need to use.

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