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Gnome "Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.18, the latest version of the popular, multi-platform Free desktop environment." The GNOME 2.18 start page has all the details, such as release notes, download locations, and screenshots.
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Fix for taskbar annoyance?
by siimo on Wed 14th Mar 2007 23:33 UTC
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Does anyone know if this release fixes the annoying taskbar buttons changing their widths when the title bar text of windows changes?

e.g. if i have 2 apps open Firefox and gaim and then in firefox i open a page with a long <title></title> attribue then the taskbar button resizes and becomes longer... then again if i open a new tab it is smaller - I find this behaviour a but annoying, I run Fedora 7 Test2 and it still had this bug. Is it fixed in this release?

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RE: Fix for taskbar annoyance?
by Jeroenverh on Wed 14th Mar 2007 23:46 in reply to "Fix for taskbar annoyance?"
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I totally agree! I find this the most annoying bug in Gnome.

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RE: Fix for taskbar annoyance?
by Eugenia on Wed 14th Mar 2007 23:48 in reply to "Fix for taskbar annoyance?"
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No, it's still there. Have you filed a bug report? Although I am not convinced that this is a bug, but a wanted behavior by the developers.

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This is an acknowledged bug in libwnck with many duplicates. It takes so long because the Gnome folks are pondering how to fix it The Right Way(TM). Though I personally think that the patch should be dead simple (set a fixed button size, possibly depending on screen resolution). Somewhere there even is a patched libwnck .deb for Edgy that has this annoyance fixed.

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