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Amiga & AROS AROS will be ported to the EFIKA. "Earlier this week John accepted the AROS EFIKA Port Bounty. Said another way, John will port Amiga Research Operating System to the EFIKA." In an email, BBRV also said MorphOS 2.0 is 'coming'. They promised more news on that soon.
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hey bbrv
by _df_ on Fri 16th Mar 2007 01:27 UTC
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hey bbrv when are we going to see a more powerful efika? the 400mhz efika gets onlt 65 bogomips, my 266mhz kurbox nas gets 3x that.

if I could increase memory, it would be a _little_ less of a concern.

(but to put in perspective amiga 4000/040 gets only 16, and efika is on par with a pentium/166 but pentium mmx/133 gets 265...)

I'm actually _really_ surpised the mpc5200b/400 gets so little bogomips compared to my kurobox MPC 8241/266.

can you give us any sneakpeak info on efika2??

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