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Amiga & AROS AROS will be ported to the EFIKA. "Earlier this week John accepted the AROS EFIKA Port Bounty. Said another way, John will port Amiga Research Operating System to the EFIKA." In an email, BBRV also said MorphOS 2.0 is 'coming'. They promised more news on that soon.
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by PurpleAlien on Fri 16th Mar 2007 07:26 UTC
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I really doubt that EFIKA only gets 65 bogomips
Since it's based on a 603 core, you can get a rough estimate of the bogoMIPS number by multiplying the clockspeed with 0.67. So that would make 268 BogoMIPS.
You have to take this factor into account due to the fact that modern CPU's require less clock cycles for the same code.

Besides that, if you write a program specifically for one CPU, it'll give a higher value as well.

Conclusion: BogoMIPS are a bad way to measure performance. You should test the EFIKA for your particular application to find out if it is suitable or not.


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