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Syllable, AtheOS Thanks to improvements in PThreads support in the new version 0.6.3 of the Syllable desktop operating system, the Transmission BitTorrent client could be ported. Currently only the CLI version works. The project is looking for a volunteer to put a GUI on it, possibly by porting the BeOS GUI. Transmission is included in a new version of the Network Necessities package collection. Furthermore, there are new versions of the Developer's Delight and PERL Pit collections, with many updated packages. Most notably, GCC is now the new version 4.1.2. Also, a new version was released of the sIDE native integrated development environment. Lastly, there is now a driver for the popular SysKonnect/Marvell Yukon1 gigabit ethernet chips.
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RE[2]: Transmission
by mezz on Sun 18th Mar 2007 02:11 UTC in reply to "Transmission"
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But the Transmission guys should finally get their act together and make their client fully BitTorrent compatible so it doesn't get banned from the trackers anymore.

Those bugs are supposed to be fixed in the HEAD (0.7, in SVN).

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RE[3]: Transmission
by lopisaur on Sun 18th Mar 2007 10:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Transmission"
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I looked it up and apparently they are fixing it for 0.7. That is really great news, because Transmission IS a great client and the only one that traverses my NAT correctly. Sadly it is banned on the private trackers I use, since it announces to the tracker every 5 minutes instead of every 25 like it is supposed to.

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