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Zeta In July 2005, OSNews reviewed the 1.0 version of what was then YellowTAB Zeta. I concluded: "I have a clear-cut impression of what Zeta R1 is: it is by far the best 'distribution' of BeOS currently available. The hardware support is, when compared to r5, significantly better. Stability-wise, Zeta R1 is a huge leap forward when compared to older versions. Some areas still need work; but they are mostly minor things, nothing that will stop you from using this operating system as your full-time, primary system." A lot has changed over the past 15 months; YellowTAB went belly-up, Magnussoft took over the development of Zeta, and to top it off, Zeta went multiuser. Not too long ago, Mangussoft released Zeta 1.5; here is my review.
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I don't understand your satisfaction
by fudel on Tue 20th Mar 2007 10:41 UTC
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Hi Thom, I can't find out what your preview is good for. I guess there are enough of happy Zeta-OS users, who are not willing to see that this system is far behind its predecessors BeOS in many points.

Until today I haven't found an official statement at the Zeta-OS-site where AbiWord is or why it is not delivered as promised. In the Zeta-OS forum I found that the sources are out. But it seems that no one get it running caused by missing libraries. Bernd asked in the forum for developers - again I have to ask: Where is an official statement or invitation for developers.

Apologies that MultiUser isn't working perfectly yet I found somewhere in the forum too (for me these informations are not official if I have to search for it).
Sorry, can you tell me why these informations are hidden? I tell you what I guess, the reasons are: Zeta-OS wants our money. But sorry I don't have enough of it to waste for promises and/or dreams.
If I think a project is worth to be supported with my money I like to be kept clear.
For example I'm also a registered SkyOS user and I can't remember someone tells me: we did this and it's working perfectly. In SkyOS progress it's more transparent, you know what's going on (Java, mySQL, etc. are included in a better states as they are in Zeta/haiku/BeOS). The fact is, no one offers me one upgrade after another for cash. I payed once to be involved in the developing releases and got the final version 5 when SkyOS will be finished for free.

Sorry but Zeta nor the upgrades of it aren't worth the price they demand. I can't see where Zeta is going to. (Will it be a haiku distro when haiku-os r1 will be out?)

Why don't you like OOo but Firefox and AbiWord? As a purist of BeOS you should still work with NetPositive.

And Firefox (BTW. version is not 2.0.2) is as I read in the forum far away from stable (in zeta multiuser environment) and it's not developed by magnussoft/Zeta.

WilmaCon: Because I haven't read it anywhere else before, and I guess it's important to say, WilmaCon is just a samba CLIENT there's no server yet (problably later). So you can access from Zeta to SMB-shares but not in the other direction.

For your problem with WilmaCon and Vista probably this article helps you:

My conclusion:
I agree with your comments about MultiUser. MultiUser was one of the reasons I ordered the upgrade for, I find out it's unusable as far as I understand MultiUser environments.
Another reason to upgrade was AbiWord, but it isn't included. There are no official informations and I have to ask you, what did we get for the money?
For me Zeta-OS is currently more in a state of an HOBBY OS, like Syllable or SkyOS, more than BeOS was in its days. And I think it's far away from "Professional" how magnussoft/Bernd T. Korz titles the Zeta-OS 1.5 upgrade.

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The comunuty have the AbiWord 2.x source

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