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Windows Windows Vista has had something of a troubled birth. Hyped features were pulled, and the project as a whole took far longer to complete than expected, partly due to standing still while MS dropped everything to work on WinXP Service Pack 2, but in part also due to a decision to "reset" and scrap much of the new development. This has led some commentators to dub the project a "train wreck."
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DRM killed Vista for me.
by ccchips on Tue 20th Mar 2007 18:54 UTC
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I will not buy a product that is so tuned-in to that notion. Plain and simple.

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RE: DRM killed Vista for me.
by Zoidberg on Tue 20th Mar 2007 22:24 in reply to "DRM killed Vista for me."
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I get so tired of these lame "DRM is the evil" arguments. Hey guess what, if Vista did not support DRM, you WOULD NOT be able to watch any content that required it, which these days is a huge amount. Vista does not add DRM to your files, delete your mp3s or any of the other ridiculous FUD that people spread around. Whether you like it or not the movie and music industry are going to use DRM in their products, that's not Vista's fault. It at least allows you to watch this content, which if you paid for it should not be an issue anyway.

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