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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Sony UX1XN is quite possibly one of the smallest laptops ever. Think of the smallest laptop you've ever seen, and this will be smaller. Probably. Everything about it is dinky - it's barely bigger than a thick-ish paperback book, yet it packs a full Vista-touting PC inside its diddy dimensions."
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Heh... Well I liked Win9x so I'm already weird there...

That said, I absolutely agree, but I've already made the decision to not purchase Vista. If that means I am unable to get a laptop with Linux preinstalled or empty (at an acceptable price point) then I'll either move on to the MacBooks or do without. I may love my laptop, but I'm not willing to pay the Microsoft tax. This doesn't really apply to my desktop machines, since I've always either built my own or bought one without an OS and threw on one of my unused copies at home.

--bornagainpenguin (who wishes there were non-X86, non-windows laptops with more than five hour battery life somewhere)

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