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Amiga & AROS "Dr Michal Schulz has made an initial commit of the AROS USB stack, enabling the use of USB mice and creating the foundations to add support, subsequently, also for other devices. Please notice this is pre-alpha stage software, this means only USB 1.1 UHCI controllers are supported for now, and maybe it won't work correctly on your motherboard. Next thing to develop will be extensions to USBHID class, allowing to use graphic tablets and USB keyboards with AROS, and OHCI controllers support. We must note that support for USB 2.0 EHCI controllers wasn't defined in bounty Michal is working on."
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RE: Sorry to be a bastard...
by Bully on Sun 25th Mar 2007 19:33 UTC in reply to "Sorry to be a bastard..."
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"I hate to say that so many Operating Systems which seem great in many ways lack so much in the visually appealing department that they never really get a chance."

Maybe the reason the Operating systems 'which seem great in many ways' do seem that way because they dont have to waste resources on eyecandy.
For me an os that is not system hungry and feels resposive is much more importaint that how it looks.

That said, there are always ways to change the look if it's so importaint.

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