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Mono Project In a recent interview with the online edition of the Austrian daily Newspaper Der Standard, Mono project-lead Miguel de Icaza pleads for a cooperation between Mono and Microsoft's .Net: "I think that the deal should include a technical Mono/.NET collaboration, and even go as far as Microsoft recommending Mono for all of their developers looking at migration."
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Timing of increased staffing is interesting
by andrewg on Sun 25th Mar 2007 19:57 UTC
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Now that Microsoft and Novell have a deal, Microsofts money seems to be funding the increase in developer resources for Mono.

Mono seemed to have been slipping further and further behinds Microsofts .Net. With the increase of paid developers maybe Novell can get v2.0 and winForms finished which could make Mono attractive again - it seems to have lost a lot of its lustre and support. Novell probably realises that if Microsoft did go after companies without agreemenets like the Novell one - after Mono became entrenched in the GNU/Linux ecosystem - then it would, at least in the short term, be a huge win for them.

Fortunately Java, on the desktop in particular, is on the rise and may stand a chance of becoming the standard for cross platform development on Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOS. KDE may have other ideas but its hard to see them beating Java.

We'll see.

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