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RE: Win32 Codecs and bcm43xx?
by lemur2 on Mon 26th Mar 2007 12:24 UTC in reply to "Win32 Codecs and bcm43xx?"
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{ And what about bcm43xx support? }

What about it?

There is a native Linux driver. If that doesn't work, copy the Windows driver files from the driver CD that came with your Broadcom card or your machine, and use them under Linux with ndiswrapper.

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Thanks for the replies. I will be truly impressed if bcm43xx works as well as you make it sound. The included bcm43xx driver on Ubuntu 6.10 requires firmware installation, and usually still doesn't work right after that. And the ndiswrapper method means no signal strength metering, as it's always stuck at 100%. (No, I'm sure my signal is NOT really at 100%, a quick boot of Windows is enough to prove that.) Maybe the new Devicescape stack actually works. Of course none of these problems are really Linux's fault. I swear, I will never buy another Broadcom product until they open up their device specs.

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The ndiswrapper method will, of course, break irreparably when the kernel goes entirely to 4k stacks.

I have a bcm4318, which is a particularly troublesome chip, which seems to be working OK under the Feisty beta and its 2.6.20-13 kernel using the native Linux driver.

I don't believe it has the range that it is supposed to. And I believe that if I replaced my 11mbit router with a 54mbit one, I would be disappointed.

However, the fact that it finally sort of works has not dissuaded me from ordering an Intel based mini-pci replacement, simply as a matter of general principle.

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>>The ndiswrapper method will, of course, break irreparably when the kernel goes entirely to 4k stacks.

Huh? I'm an idiot, can you explain that? Ndiswrapper will soon stop working entirely? Just for bcm43xx or for all Windows drivers?

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