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X11, Window Managers "The Compiz and Beryl teams are discussing a merger. Posts on the Compiz forum and Beryl mailing list indicate that the projects are discussing how to execute a merger and work together to deliver a single compositing window manager to give 'bling' to the Linux desktop."
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I mght have misconstrued your post, but i don't see how Aero is primetime and compiz is not. Anyways I'm not an overzealous fanboi. I hardly use compiz/beryl as I totally agree with you about the stability. Thats not the only reason but thats one of the reasons I don't use it. My whole point is that people can't say something is not ready just based on hardware support when the same can be said about the other players. Had you just said its not ready because its unstable I would have agreed with you. The majority of people can't run Aero in vista either, their hardware won't support it. Now the majority of people who just got a new computer most likely can run Aero.

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I don't really want to make a long flame war of this. I believe that once one states his case two or three times, it is unlikely that a fourth time will be any more effective, and would be a discourtesy to innocent bystanders who are not involved in the war.

But I will make a couple of very brief comments and stop. ;-)

From what I am hearing, Aero may *not* be ready for prime time. I confess that, if true, that fact gives me a certain amount of satisfaction.

Secondly, I believe that the whole package counts. It doesn't matter how great Compiz/Beryl are. If the user cannot use it, OSS, as a package, has not won.

Cyclops makes some very encouraging observations on that count in the post you replied to.

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I'm not really trying to argue with you. When you say that OSS has not won. I'm a Linux user, I don't care about marketshare or if a windows users suddenly wants to use Linux. I only care about more people using linux in the sense that they will hopefully bring more support from vendors. There are a lot of areas where Linux doesn't meet my needs, as mention before music creation software is one of these areas among many. What I was trying to point out is that it can't all rest on the shoulders of the OSS community, we need help from the manufacturers, if only to release specs or to agree to the NDA that the kernel devs have proposed. The OSS community is not at blame as they have put their foot forward and have offered to alleviate the issue if the manufacturers won't. We haven't seen any vendors step forward yet.

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