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PC-BSD PC-BSD announced that it will deliver Opera in the next version of PC-BSD. Opera will be "one less thing you need to download after installation", as Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems puts it, to get "a more usable system" out of your PC-BSD box.
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RE: DesktopBSD
by Flatland_Spider on Mon 26th Mar 2007 18:39 UTC in reply to "DesktopBSD"
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Every time when you install an application all needed libraries will be installed in program's folder like it is in Win32 (C:Program FilesMyProgram). So your system has many copies of each library instead of having one in /usr/lib.

Oh Noes! It comes with everything it needs to run! ;)

This isn't a bad thing, and they designed it that way so that an updated lib won't break other apps. It's a good decision for a desktop oriented distro where people will be installing and deinstalling software on a regular basis.

Anyway, install from ports if you're that concerned.

Soon all your free space on a hard drive disappears. ... difficult to download them. And of course I hate the look of PBI-installer.

Yes, installing applications does eat up hard drive space.

Try downloading from a mirror closer to you, and not over WIFI.

The default look is ugly, but it can be tweaked to look pretty good. Some packages have already done this, and it looks much better.

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